Well floating here in an abandoned hulk in hard vacuum IS at...

Well floating here in an abandoned hulk in hard vacuum IS at least more familiar than wherever the hell it was I just came from.

I seem to have mostly returned to normal? I’m definitely doing better than this guy. Lot of good your machine gun did you in this situation buddy…. Anyway I think I have returned to normal? GIANT cat does not seem to have fared so well though. I think this new small frog-like form has affected her attitude though. For the better if you ask me.

It might be total bullshit, but I expect that my return to “normal” might have something to do with my strong sense of identity, something (given her pretty extreme previous incarnations) GIANT cat may not share. In fact, maybe GIANT cat is just a regular cat after all, just tryna make it in this great big universe.

Uh oh, the wistful plight of an ordinary cat, a desiccated corpse clutching a firearm, myself back in hard vacuum. It’s making me nostalgic. I really want to listen to music right now. In particular, the @unxigned playlist:

UNXINED Finest of: July 2021

There’s no means of doing that here, but maybe you could listen for me at #linkinbio https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic OR https://open.spotify.com/playlist/405DIAOxkmYpImOUugNfZ1

I stopped here for fuel crystals and not to reminisce though. Gotta get back too it, but I’m headed your way like as not and maybe I’ll see you soon.

#playlist #playlistspotify #serial #musiclife (at Brooklyn, New York)

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