Hello Kids! What time is it?! **silence** It’s PLAYLIST...

Hello Kids! What time is it?! **silence**

It’s PLAYLIST time!

Today’s playlist is entitled “Life is like a box of Chocolates” and is provided by our friends over at We Love Lofi!!!

Before that though, I’d like to share a phenomenal article about Bad Ghost written by @earthsounz .

The man, the myth, the legend Eric Hathaway has this to say about the production:

“Listening on good sound equipment exposes the range of sonic arts in this production; from gut-curdling bass notes to tinkling doorbell arpeggio riffs; accompanied by marching snares and synths. There’s a heavily layered rocky middle section that is “…….one way to express the unresolved quality of conflicting emotions issuing from multiple parties”. It’s a production with its feet in subterranean caverns and its head in the stars.”

How bout that naysayers 😉. For the rest visit : https://www.earthsounz.com/blog

Now back to the playlist!

I am a huge fan of We Love Lofi and it is an honor to be included. Give the playlist a spin at #linkinbio OR https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic OR https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7LD0JnZzsud13UvKsruWmS

That’s all for our program today! Tune in tomorrow for another


*three people reluctantly join in*

Playlist! Of! The! Day!

*cue prerecorded applause*

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(at Brooklyn, New York)

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