This is a picture of my new acquaintance Fishcat and I poring...

This is a picture of my new acquaintance Fishcat and I poring over a partial map of the ruin city just the other side of the dragon plains on whatever godforsaken world this is.

Fishcat,I believe, resides somewhere around here (if “residing” is even something that they do). I first encountered this person(?) near the wreckage of a large light fountain just up those stairs there. I was startled as I thought (due to their similar face colorings) that GIANT cat had caught me at last.

It seems that Fishcat is intelligent, and has been guiding me safely through these ruins so far, but has been completely silent (to my ears at least) and does not respond to sound in any significant way. As it seems that we share a similar visual field I’ve begun to attempt to (mostly unsuccessfully) communicate my thoughts through hand gestures, but as Fishcat has no hands to respond, this might all be a non-starter anyway.

In spite of this I am unable to shake the feeling that somehow information is being exchanged between us; That I almost “hear” Fishcat somehow, like I just don’t quite understand.

The last time I experienced something even remotely like this was in attempting to read an article about Bad Ghost from @gdltudosobremusica . A piece I know is excellent, but just there on the margins of my understanding.

Read it here:

Perhaps the secret to unlocking both this text and revealing Fishcat’s true motives lies in today’s playlist #13:

Os Garotos de Liverpool Apresenta: MUSO SOUP.

Access my notes at #lincolnbio OR

It’s getting dark now and I am getting hungry, Fishcat is strangely absent and so it seems I have a few things to attend to before I sleep.

Until next time. (at Brooklyn, New York)

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