On the plane rn pretty en route to the Czech Republic pretty...

On the plane rn pretty en route to the Czech Republic pretty disappointed with myself. It’s a long story but I have lost (or had taken from me) a bag containing my OP-1, my iPhone, a laptop and a few various other bits.

Yesterday started well, I sewed up some of my clothes, hung out w/ @fernantzeste, got a new bag to replace my quickly disintegrating one. And then I went to get on a train. And then my credit card company was suspicious of charges from Ghent. And then somebody jumped in front of the train I missed. And then I got rerouted all over Belgium to try and get to my ultimate destination Rupelmonde for a gig. And then when I figured out I was going the wrong way hopped out and made it down the stairs to my transfer I stopped to check the departures schedule (which I can’t really read) and realized my bag was gone…

The upstroke is the gig was at @bertdeyaert ’s place was really nice and he took me to the airport in the morning.

The laptop situation sucks (it’s really Kaila’s) the phone has my playback library and various virtual instruments on it, but it’s the OP1 that really stings. That thing has become a major resource for me for production, recording, and songwriting in the last year.

I mean hey, somebody could find it and get the bag back to me, and in the meantime I’ll do what I usually do and try and do the best I can with what I do have. End of the day it wasn’t me that got hit by the train 😉. (at Charleroi Airport)

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