Now don’t get me wrong, I like robots, excuse me, machine life.... 

Now don’t get me wrong, I like robots, excuse me, machine life. I mean I just served alongside them in a WAR for cryin out loud. Thing is, I was here in the underdwelling beneath the capitol, minding my own business, and BAM these antique sentinels come outta nowhere and start tryna beat me to a pulp.

In fairness, the business I was minding WAS to gather information on the core code that allows machine life on this world to bypass its cognitive plateau and achieve sentience, all on the payroll of a galactic hegemony that may/may not be hostile to these people.

Even so, they coulda just been like “Hey, buddy you can’t be down here.” I’m pretty conflict averse so that probably would’ve worked, but NOOO they just started in with the pugilism…

So I get that red-vision in these situations so after it kicked off I don’t know what happened. Looking at the picture now… I feel bad about wrecking that nice chrome sentinel’s head like that for just doing their job (though it’s totally fixable) and I have no clue what those cat-apes are doing there. Cheerleading maybe? Idk.

I’ve heard about cat-apes though in a song (other than @hangingdilettante Bad Ghost) on @unxigned ‘s playlist

UNXINED Folklore | Folk, Americana, Country

#linkinbio OR

I think they might be some type of Samsquanch. Anyway, rn I’m hiding out in the office of a warehouse near the spaceport awaiting a communique from Optimus Cat, so I gotta get off of this terminal.

Until next time.

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It appears that, in no uncertain terms, playtime is over. You... 

It appears that, in no uncertain terms, playtime is over. You may wonder how Optimus Cat came to be wounded. Well…I don’t exactly know. See we were in the canyon there before, and it turns out humans don’t need atmosphere suits on this planet. Well, I started roaming around (as you do) and got into an argument with somebody about the ancient earth actor Orson Welles. Punches got thrown, chairs got broken on people, et cetera. Both of us get detained for drunk and disorderly and Bada Bing Bada Boom, I’m roped into a massive planetary conflict and dispatched to repair this (suspiciously familiar) cat mecha…with nothing but like a big wrench… The odd part, one member of the opposing forces kept turning into a boombox and playing @unxigned ‘s UNXINED Alt/Indie Playlist. Hear what I’m talking about at #linkinbio OR Also (point of interest) I thought that I’d recognized some of these weird robots as looking almost just like some artifacts uncovered from 20th century earth ruins. “Transformers” I think they were called? Turns out some Japanese lady in the late 70’s figured out how to manipulate her TV’s temporal axis and I guess saw this whole conflict go down, told somebody and gave rise to a massive toy empire. Pretty crazy, but I’ve learned not to get too in the weeds about this kind of thing. #playlists #playlistspotify #serialstory #musiclife (at Brooklyn, New York)

I figure that the mental projection function of these atmosphere... 

I figure that the mental projection function of these atmosphere suits should maybe come with like a warning or something?

I mean one minute you’re walking through the arroyo, happily blasting rattlesnakes like a cowboy. The next minute complicated visions of your internal discourse are projected onto the landscape, right there in front of god and everybody…

In fairness though there’s two things about this I can get behind.

1. One of the sensory experiences absent from the picture of the sublime pairing of the scent of roast cactus and the sounds of @unxigned ‘s playlist: UNXINED Discover Weekly (ft. Bad Ghost @hangingdilettante)

2. At least as far as this projection engine is concerned, a rendering of my psyche is not dissimilar to the final scenes of the Ancient Terran classic Neon Genesis Evangelion…so that’s pretty good…

You should probably visit this world, it’s nice, and you have been warned about the atmo-suits. For a more casual immersion experience have a listen to the playlist at #linkinbio OR

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So that thing I was saying the other day about a strong sense of... 

So that thing I was saying the other day about a strong sense of identity preserving one’s (my) physical morphology…
is apparently bullshit.

It may have something to do with this tunnel though…oh yeah, you might be wondering how I came to give up the stand up. Long story short I counterheckled the wrong yob…yada yada…wound up in an open pit death match with a giant beetle (hence the beetle priest robe), was saved by (now mutable) GIANT cat, we escaped into this tunnel, grayliens showed up as I started to read this tome AND my hands turned into tentacles…

Weird thing is, my new tentacles also “glowed” with sound. @unxigned ‘s playlist


to be exact. You can hear the music of my newfound limbs at OR

Also, I have no idea who this attractive woman is, but I feel like she’s been here like a few hours and it’s like weird to ask?

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Of all the pyramids on all the planets in all the... 

Of all the pyramids on all the planets in all the universe…


So there I was on a military installation on a desolate world that appears (linguistically at least) to correspond to a interstellar imperial period in Japanese history that in my travels through time (and lazy attitude toward “current affairs”) I had…well…missed.

In my defense there weren’t a whole lot of planets within range…

Fortunately, being as I am an entertainer and standing militaries without clear adversaries are typically plagued with boredom, I was pretty confident I could get work (and by extension avoid death) somewhere on this oddly Egyptian themed base.

Unfortunately all the music jobs were spoken for by mixed media PhotoJazz outfits doing ancient standard mashups like “Hit Me Baby Got Back In Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” ….

This left me no recourse but to pivot to standup…thing is, most jokes are at least kinda topical. I figured I’d start with the classics like:

“I just flew in from the void between perception and being and boy are my arms tired”

Bombed. Ancient earth sports jokes? Old fashioned domestic partnership jokes (these people got over gender & sexuality generations ago). BOMBED.

In the end (to avoid the white laser hook) I had to resort to my secret weapon…wackiness.

Basically I projected (with the assistance of a sympathetic engineer who I think had a crush on me) an image of GIANT cat’s head onto a Sphinx shaped pumping station and cartoonishly mimed blunt trauma (falling down, being punched, kicked, etc.) and shouting ridiculously during each impact, all the while playing @unxigned ‘s Playlist:


To be honest it was exhausting, but I’m alive still AND I learned a valuable lesson. People, human and non, are complex. They all have their little rules and peccadilloes and navigating those is hard. Absurdity though, seems to be pretty consistent in living things and is very easy to divine, and maybe THAT is the first step toward true communication.

Or maybe it’s Elvis…I don’t know

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