Well…we’ve reached the end of our surreal jaunt through...

Well…we’ve reached the end of our surreal jaunt through existence, and I can’t say it’s been real.

I can however do two things.

First, thank you for following along. It is a rare gift to have someone to write to.

The second I can give you the last playlist entitled:

Curated by @unxigned

#linkinbio https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic OR https://open.spotify.com/playlist/73PIEjZHFJcGzbl9KdaVR5

I’m back now in Brooklyn, NY. GIANT cat has returned to slightly smaller than average cat, and Jerry Van Dyke is the president of the Altered States of America, so I think I’m close enough to my “origin” timeline for my keys to work anyway.

If you haven’t listened to or shared the new @hangingdilettante Bad Ghost, please do and thank y’all once again!

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