Sometimes, when you feel you’re nearing the close of a...

Sometimes, when you feel you’re nearing the close of a promotional campaign/adventure it’s important to stop and smell just how the sharp tang of metal cuts through the damp air of your submarine.

*deep breath*

I beg your forgiveness for implying that this is MY submarine. I commandeered it from these people citing an imminent GIANT Octocat threat (Little do they know we’ve been more or less in league for several episodes)

To be honest, there’s not a lot of options for unevolved humans on this water planet (unless you have a ton of money) and being as I bungled that info heist, and had to escape stowed away in a bedazzled trunk on the cargo ship following the pleasure yacht, I… not.

It’s not like I’m REALLY taking these people for a ride. They were heading mostly toward New Atlantis anyway AND I did share with them @unxigned ‘s playlist:


#linkinbio or

It’s like many hours of music so I’m kinda paying for the trip? They should be thankful. That said it’s still better to keep it all under ones proverbial hat, and Octocat is doing an excellent job with her role.

Can I maintain “magnanimous adventurer”…probably not, but fingers crossed.

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