So there I was, posted up at Tranquility Base with a couple...

So there I was, posted up at Tranquility Base with a couple beers to watch the urfrise and these clowns show up looking to fix that flag that got knocked over cause Buzz Aldrin was to lazy to set it up further from the lander…the old chestnut “good enough for government work” springs to mind…

That said, I’m glad to see lizards in these kind of high skill/hi-tech (presumably well paid) labor jobs correcting the problem, what with specist bigots like David Icke on the loose in various timelines, but like…can it wait a sec? I’m tryna chill here.

It’s fine though. Ultimately they just looked at me like “rlly?”and went about their buisness. I mean who am I? Some randeaux on the moon. I could tell they were a little wigged out by Optimus Cat’s head flying around but they still got done in like 20 minutes and fucked off.

In fairness, having the flag at Tranquility Base repaired does improve the scene somewhat and (as an American citizen in at least 12 of my simulives) I feel a little pang of patriotism spring up as I crack open a cold one, dock it into the beverage ingress, and flip on @glassefactory ‘s most excellent playlist:

Glasse Rocks

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In any case, I’m going to sign off now and enjoy what’s left of this urfrise (and Optimus Cat’s stunt flying). It’s not perfect I guess but you know what they say “a bat in the hand is worth two in the Bush administration.”

Wish you were here.


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(at Brooklyn, New York)

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