So I went into my email this morning and it looks like we’re...

So I went into my email this morning and it looks like we’re fresh out of refusals…shame, I was starting to enjoy it a little (also shoutout to @violaunstrung for the idea to upcycle em)

There is something else though.

“Though “Bad Ghost” already exists in its more traditional folk form on Harris’s 2016 album Mimetic Desire, this new version, with its shimmery electronic flourishes, gorgeously layered vocal processing, and triumphant, extended instrumental break, has accumulated a cosmic depth and interstellar emotional resonance”

Full disclosure, early in the process I (in an attempt to protect myself from both critique & void) reached out to a number of people asking them to write a little bit about Bad Ghost. Many responded and I’ve been withholding these for most of this time. One such (particularly touching) reply was from my friend, (novelist & erstwhile music journalist) Dave Fitzgerald. The quote above is from him. You can read the rest at the link below (and I hope you do).

If that wasn’t enough for ya there’s also the Chris Michael one 😉 (if you missed it)

Anyway, tomorrow the Bandcamp preorder goes live, Saturday is the release show and everything else. You can get tickets/preorder/presave/Shazam/kablam/kablooie all that at #linkinbio or at

#newrelease #musicpress #essays #badghost #songwriterlife #musiclife (at Brooklyn, New York)

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