Publicity Quest Continues!!! In pursuit of publicity for the...

Publicity Quest Continues!!!
In pursuit of publicity for the imminent release of Bad Ghost I have 3 things I’d like to accomplish.
1. Get some ppl to write about this hot track 😉.
2. Use my defeats to create interesting Instagram content.
3. Get better at selfies
That said, the plan is to regularly post the feedback I receive with a reaction pic. I’d like to be clear, I won’t be naming the publication, this is not about shaming or fishing for complements. I just think it’s kinda fun. Luckily the first refusal I have on the list might as well be a review I’d like to have.

“Hey, thanks so much for thinking of us. We’re so impressed by the way you weave such a tender and atmospheric style here, and feel the vocal range helps develop what is a keen emotional resonance. We feel it perhaps *just* edges into the ever so slightly more mainstream side of the field for us, but we cannot stress enough how that is no criticism. This slots is nicely with Volcano Choir et al. in that indie pop-rock style, and we really hope it gets the attention it deserves.”

I deposited that one at the Ego First Bank & Trust just this morning. (at Brooklyn, New York)

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