Now don’t get me wrong, I like robots, excuse me, machine life....

Now don’t get me wrong, I like robots, excuse me, machine life. I mean I just served alongside them in a WAR for cryin out loud. Thing is, I was here in the underdwelling beneath the capitol, minding my own business, and BAM these antique sentinels come outta nowhere and start tryna beat me to a pulp.

In fairness, the business I was minding WAS to gather information on the core code that allows machine life on this world to bypass its cognitive plateau and achieve sentience, all on the payroll of a galactic hegemony that may/may not be hostile to these people.

Even so, they coulda just been like “Hey, buddy you can’t be down here.” I’m pretty conflict averse so that probably would’ve worked, but NOOO they just started in with the pugilism…

So I get that red-vision in these situations so after it kicked off I don’t know what happened. Looking at the picture now… I feel bad about wrecking that nice chrome sentinel’s head like that for just doing their job (though it’s totally fixable) and I have no clue what those cat-apes are doing there. Cheerleading maybe? Idk.

I’ve heard about cat-apes though in a song (other than @hangingdilettante Bad Ghost) on @unxigned ‘s playlist

UNXINED Folklore | Folk, Americana, Country

#linkinbio OR

I think they might be some type of Samsquanch. Anyway, rn I’m hiding out in the office of a warehouse near the spaceport awaiting a communique from Optimus Cat, so I gotta get off of this terminal.

Until next time.

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