*meow* “Well Diane… *yawn* it’s a brand new day. *meow* A...

*meow* “Well Diane… *yawn* it’s a brand new day. *meow* A veritable landscape of possibilities and tiny cans of *meow* dubious meat…mmm “chicken feast” in gravy…
Ugh…What’s this now? Some more feedback!?

- You are a talented artist
(I like where this is going)


- and you have one of the best voices we’ve heard today.
(Well you don’t say!)

- The melodies are so catchy and mesh with the lyrics perfectly.
(Oh do continue)

- However,
(Uh oh)

we didn’t like some of the production choices here, to be honest.

- Maybe next time! Good luck with the release!
(That’s nice I guess…)

*meow* “I know it reads like a firing letter they send to keep you from wildin out and stealing stuff…oh man…now I’m having two way conversations with a cat.”

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