It’s day 16, and I think I have fully exited the realm of the...

It’s day 16, and I think I have fully exited the realm of the rational.

To be honest, I’m not sure how I got here. The last thing I remember was trying to send you a message while hiding from a giant cat in a 40 ft garbage mech. It occurs to me that a cat’s brain to body mass ratio is not so high (and most of it is used for things like stealth and neck biting which are not easily translated to piloting) so I figure I was probably able to just hide out somewhere? I do remember something about moving a metal plate, a trapezoidal shaped job, climbing into a similarly shaped tunnel, then nothing. Darkness.

At some point I woke up here. Judging by the surreality of the scene, my lack of pain in spite of the giant hole in my chest, and the overall unnatural calm here, I am willing to entertain the idea that I might be…well..dead. If this is death though, it kinda sucks. The only upside is that as these weird catbugs cycle through me they seem to be producing music. In fact , I even occasionally hear the @hangingdilettante Bad Ghost and deduce that they must be somehow tapping into the @unxigned playlist Rad Finds.

Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself at #linkinbio👆 OR

So I’m usually pretty good at figuring things out, but it seems that I can only land on 3 solid conclusions in this place.

1. I exist (at least enough to write this note)
2. That is definitely the Rad Finds playlist
3. I am somewhere/when/how outside the boundaries of the physical universe

Anyway, in your timeline it might be in a few seconds or a few millennia but I will endeavor to write again soon.

#surreallife #serialexperiment #musiclife #playlist (at Brooklyn, New York)

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