In route to @colonywoodstockny for a gig at 5 and really feelin...

In route to @colonywoodstockny for a gig at 5 and really feelin Jeff Tweedy on the radio rn, all my lies are also wishes bud….

Got this one in btw:

“Hello! I really liked how you incorporated those James Blake like vocal distortions creating your own style and balancing them out through the track, without them becoming overpowering. I also enjoyed a lot the production and mix quality. I think the “drop” and variation that happens around 3:30 quite interesting and unexpected. However, the lead vocals most of the time sound a bit unenergetic and did not draw me in the way I expected. Sorry! It was a very close call. Thanks for considering us!”

Horseshoes and hand grenades, am I right?

Check out the #linkinbio or for release show tickets, presaves, and that

#musicpress #newrelease #songwriterlife #musiclife (at Taconic Pkwy)

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