I must say this whole run up to the Bad Ghost has been like a...

I must say this whole run up to the Bad Ghost has been like a cosmic number of “teachable moments” for a surly autodidact such as myself. I knew/know/will know woodchuck-all about music press…or Spotify..or..well..we’ll leave it at that.

A very interesting part of the journey though has been discovering playlists & playlisters. It’s like both your cool friend and your weird friend had an pirate radio station that would make you mixtapes on demand. It’s actually pretty awesome.

One of my favorite finds was the UK based blog & playlister @musicforthemisfits I am legitimately a fan of this publication now AND they’ve included Bad Ghost in their Dream & Folk Pop Playlist!!! SO you can check it out at #linkinbio or https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic or https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5pO3FQ0wHzizbfOzZniaDe?si=D1ZysKy8RTCafXNX1qc9Jg&dl_branch=1

ALSO, the tag line for the website is:

Hi Misfits, we’re here for you and the bands you like.


Great writing and I’ve had this playlist going all morning. Anywayz, Enjoy 😉.

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