I figure that the mental projection function of these atmosphere...

I figure that the mental projection function of these atmosphere suits should maybe come with like a warning or something?

I mean one minute you’re walking through the arroyo, happily blasting rattlesnakes like a cowboy. The next minute complicated visions of your internal discourse are projected onto the landscape, right there in front of god and everybody…

In fairness though there’s two things about this I can get behind.

1. One of the sensory experiences absent from the picture of the sublime pairing of the scent of roast cactus and the sounds of @unxigned ‘s playlist: UNXINED Discover Weekly (ft. Bad Ghost @hangingdilettante)

2. At least as far as this projection engine is concerned, a rendering of my psyche is not dissimilar to the final scenes of the Ancient Terran classic Neon Genesis Evangelion…so that’s pretty good…

You should probably visit this world, it’s nice, and you have been warned about the atmo-suits. For a more casual immersion experience have a listen to the playlist at #linkinbio https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic OR https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1jacQOU5oeoZqbso6YhnZe

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