I Day 12 is a good day to try to unpack the notion of play. What...

I Day 12 is a good day to try to unpack the notion of play. What does that even mean?

Just yesterday in one of my timelines I observed @streetlightshaman & @maryjenningsmusic “play.” But are killer performances of artists works truly what we mean by that?

In another timeline, is it the motive of GIANT cat (when/if she manages to catch me) to hunt and kill or simply to “play?”

Did I escape from that casino basement in Neo-Tokyo through a time-space rift, arrive in this wasteland and become engrossed in this console in an effort to recapture a sense of “play” I felt was draining from my life?

I don’t know if any of the multiple me’s, dandelion scattered through the multiverse have an answer, but I think @metalhead_community in their Playlist: “Top Alternative Songs” may provide a clue.

As I am at a loss (and still exploring whether this device can be used to control or at least influence GIANT cat), I would appreciate if you would give the playlist a listen #lincolnbio https://linktr.ee/ewharrismusic or https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3bkQo14S1g4P7ukJyLQCRq?si=vIpkB_imQmWVSooinXOQvQ&dl_branch=1

Any clues you are able to divine would be most welcome.

(at Brooklyn, New York)

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