Tonight’s the night people! - Location: @thescratchernyc...

Tonight’s the night people!

- Location: @thescratchernyc

- Chronology: 7:15PM

- Impetus: @thescratchersessions (one of NYCs most long running and beloved songwriting sessions)

- Principals: @ejaneturn & @ewharrismusic

- Special Guests: @philterfeed - @ginjaskwurl - and Mayhaps more

- The Sell: Monday is fast approaching and I think what you need to offset that dread is an evening of music in a cozy and intimate setting with easy access to public transportation.
ALSO: you can buy a CD/pin/t-shirt for that special someone, contemplate the cosmic egg with @philterfeed, discuss acorns/walnuts/almonds and the circle of 5ths with @ginjaskwurl AND get a glass of the (I daresay) finest pint of Guinness in NYC. It’s a one stop deferred responsibility shop.


C'mon. You know you wanna come. (at The Scratcher)

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