Rejection Season Day 11: This rejection season has been mad...

Rejection Season Day 11:

This rejection season has been mad crazy. Last night, en route rehearsal for the @theboweryelectric map room gig Aug 15th I figured I’d get an oil change before heading to open for @susanoneillmusic at @clubpassim tomorrow Aug 11th. I pulled into the @jiffylubeintl in Valley Stream fully laden with PA gear @henryryeder & @ginjaskwrl and CRUNCH, the raised pit guard rips off my muffler…..

With some tools improvised from mic stands and the assistance of the most excellent folks at Merrick Auto Repair I was able to get it (mostly) reattached.

Rehearsal was great, this show with @milkybones.bk @henryryeder & @wellbefineband is gonna be awesome.

Midway through though I received this in my inbox

“It comes to us with all the introspection in the world. an acoustic swirl and a singer unafraid to open up his heart to all and sundry and not even care for the reaction because it sounds like his default mood. Makes for something that is close to spiritual because this is personal growth in full sight and we could all learn something from it. Might be a bit too classically folk in its execution but there is a sense of class which made me feel as if we were in safe hands with E.W. Harris. ”

I thought I would understand this better in the harsh light of day…but I don’t really. If classically folk introspection with a twist keeps my old car running I’ll take it as a compliment and you can put that in your pipe and smoke it lol.

Anyway, it’s just a few more sleeps till Hammerhands is out in the wild. You can help pay the welder if you’d like by doing an early preorder on Bandcamp (and get to listen early) OR presave on your favorite streaming service and I’ll tell him the check is in the mail 😉. For either (or tickets to shows and more) click the link in my bio OR navigate your digital instrument to

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