It’s rejection season again over at E.W. Harris HQ. Submissions...

It’s rejection season again over at E.W. Harris HQ. Submissions for press for the @hangingmoonrecords Release of Hammerhands is underway. Check out what this reviewer had to say:

“Hello. We hope all is well. Thanks for sharing a new track. The tune is ok. It’s more melancholic than we prefer, and the song stays largely on the same plane. In addition, we would have liked more lyrical depth - or like a quicker delivery and fewer pauses where more lyrics could be shared. The storyline is ok.

The song isn’t a cookie cutter, although it does share similarities with other Americana / folk tunes of the ‘70s and '80s. We did, however, want more out of the tune - something to give it a cinematic feel.

We’re on the fence with this one. We’ll let you know if we reconsider the track. Try curators into slowcore and adult contemporary with this one, as you might have more success with them.

Good luck with the song. Have a great week.

That adult contemporary comment smarts…BUT if you would like to commiserate I’ll be on keyboards and backing vox w/ @herdarkheaven 2nite at @mercuryloungeny. C’mon down.

Presave links (to form your own opinions) available soon! (at New York City, N.Y.)

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