It appears that, in no uncertain terms, playtime is over. You...

It appears that, in no uncertain terms, playtime is over. You may wonder how Optimus Cat came to be wounded. Well…I don’t exactly know. See we were in the canyon there before, and it turns out humans don’t need atmosphere suits on this planet. Well, I started roaming around (as you do) and got into an argument with somebody about the ancient earth actor Orson Welles. Punches got thrown, chairs got broken on people, et cetera. Both of us get detained for drunk and disorderly and Bada Bing Bada Boom, I’m roped into a massive planetary conflict and dispatched to repair this (suspiciously familiar) cat mecha…with nothing but like a big wrench… The odd part, one member of the opposing forces kept turning into a boombox and playing @unxigned ‘s UNXINED Alt/Indie Playlist. Hear what I’m talking about at #linkinbio OR Also (point of interest) I thought that I’d recognized some of these weird robots as looking almost just like some artifacts uncovered from 20th century earth ruins. “Transformers” I think they were called? Turns out some Japanese lady in the late 70’s figured out how to manipulate her TV’s temporal axis and I guess saw this whole conflict go down, told somebody and gave rise to a massive toy empire. Pretty crazy, but I’ve learned not to get too in the weeds about this kind of thing. #playlists #playlistspotify #serialstory #musiclife (at Brooklyn, New York)

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