Day 2: Rejection season continues with this little blurb from...

Day 2: Rejection season continues with this little blurb from somebunny.

“Thanks for submitting! I’d place this almost in the power pop, singer-songwriter type genres. Of course it has some folk influence as well. Peace!”

Ok? First off, power-pop? No. Just no. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that, even in spite of the wide array of things that somehow count as power-pop that Bonfire Love is one of them. Taxonomically I guess it’s in the family? If the family is music popularized by and principally consumed by white people involving a guitar? Idk

Second, what is the point of this feedback? Advice?

Genre is bullshit. Sam Goody was pecked away long ago from the corpses of dead malls. Honestly some feedback like “Thanks! I’d didn’t like this, but send us something good and I will maybe like it” would have been (albeit brutal) better.

ANYWAY, check out and preorder/presave my newest power-pop smash hit I’m a Believe…I mean Bonfire Love at

P.S. Bandcamp preorders now come with an immediate download of the track AHEAD of the 3/12 release so get yours and give me your own weird critique 😉 (at Brooklyn, New York)

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