Day 1: It’s rejection season again in Brooklyn, NY, and I...

Day 1: It’s rejection season again in Brooklyn, NY, and I don’t know about you but I’m feeling pretty confused.

Let’s see what they’ve got for us today

“Hi there, and thank you for sending over your song! I liked the fiddle and the soft, heartfelt vibe of the song, though must say I found it a little sweet for some of my playlists. I went for my Acoustic and love-oriented playlists to shout it out.”

My response (if this were an option):

“Thanks for listening! I’m glad you liked the fiddle, there wasn’t one on this tune (@ginjaskwurl played nearly every other instrument available to a high school orchestra) but I often have fiddles in my imagination. They’re usually played by Sherlock Holmes. A little sweet you say? Which part? The bit about the impermanence of life (and by extension love) or the obviously post-apocalyptic setting? Oh nice! Thanks for adding the tune to the love playlists, I agree the fantasy and doomsday prepper ones would be preaching to the choir. Thanks again!”

So ima come clean. This isn’t TOTALLY a rejection, but being as it’s kinda funny I thought I might share.

ANYWAY. If you preorder on Bandcamp you now get the track IMMEDIATELY so tap the link in my bio or head on over to to get yours/buy release tix/check out the tour calendar/etc.

ALSO: come hang out at the @susanoneillmusic gig tonight at 7pm @rockwoodmusichall rockwoodmusichall stage 3 w/ me. Find that fiddle and I’ll buy ya a drink. (at Brooklyn, New York)

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